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Before you can successfully register for your Lifetime Guarantee and Manufacturing Warranty, you first need to test out your Encoder with the strength, balance, flexibility and E.M.F. tests as directed by Dr. Ken Best in the below video.



  • It is critical that you do not take the Entrainer Drops prior to evaluating the Encoder since the ‘Drops’ work in synergy with the Encoder. They are very powerful in their own right to bringing your body into a state of cohesive balance and so gains that you would make wearing the Encoder alone would not be so appreciable. If you have taken the ‘Drops’ please take no more and wait a further 24 hours before testing the Encoder.
  • Always keep the Encoder (and Entrainer Drops) at least 5 feet outside of your magnetic field when conducting the tests ‘without’ the Encoder.
  • When conducting tests have your partner give notice to you prior to applying pressure by saying “1-2-3 resist”.
  • Make sure he or she increases pressure gradually.
  • No need to wear the Encoder around your wrist while testing. Hold it in one hand or put it into your pocket.
  • So, watch and follow Dr. Ken’s directions very carefully, get yourself a partner and have some fun putting your Encoder through its paces.

Manufacturer Warranty

  • The Registered Owner is given a manufacturer’s warranty on the ‘Encoder’ that covers the repair or replacement of defective parts for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • The warranty covers any inherent fault in the product but does not cover actions of misuse by the owner such as accidental damage or scratches that indicate the product has been dropped or signs of water damage.
  • Any ‘Encoder’ under this warranty that requires replacement or repair must be returned in the first instance to the Distributor/Representative from whom the Registered Owner purchased the product.

Lifetime Guarantee

The Registered Owner is given a guarantee for the remainder of his or her life that he or she as a direct result of wearing the ‘Encoder’ will retain the increased Balance and/or Flexibility and/or Strength and/or E.M.F. protection experienced when first testing the Encoder…see conditions below.

Lifetime Guarantee Conditions

The Lifetime Guarantee provided to the Registered Owner as described on this page is dependent and strictly conditional upon the following:

  • The Registered Owner is required to evaluate any gain in balance or strength or flexibility by means of conducting the standard kinesiology tests on the Registration page.
  • Tests are required to be conducted within 7 days of receipt of the product.
  • Registration for the Lifetime Guarantee can only be completed with acknowledgement that the above mentioned tests have been conducted to the owner’s satisfaction.
  • If the Registered Owner does not return the product as per the conditions stated above in the Refund, Return & Cancellation policy, it will be assumed that the above kinesiology tests have been conducted to the Owner’s satisfaction.


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