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Meet The Encoder Technology

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The Encoder synergizes the electrochemical pathways of cellular communication to bring the body into a state of homeostasis or cohesive  balance.

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Success with athletic professionals and in clinical trials by Doctors give the Encoder a two thumbs-up.

Feel like a Superstar

Intensified focus,  upgraded stamina and a deeper well of energy gives you that I can do anything attitude.

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The Encoder is a unique 21st century bio-energetic innovation that strengthens resistance to pollutive elements and stress by fortifying immunity and pumping up energy to optimize performance

Entrainer Drops

Scottish spring water imprinted with human blueprint frequencies identical to the Encoder, it is the Encoder’s synergistic sidekick. Just a couple of drops imparts its restorative benefits to the entire molecular structure of whatever you are drinking.

See What Experts
Are Saying

Dr. Ken Best Comments on the Encoder

“It’s gonna have a tremendous result if you are an athlete. It can help (you) prevent injuries”

“The Encoder is a major game player in the world of Frequency medicine Its ability to affect our overall health,vitality as well as our resistance to stress is really impressive.”

Medical Biophotonic Diagnostic Study of the Encoder

Renowned Triathlon Coach validates The Encoder

“I am 100% committed to using the Encoder for the rest of my life based on the results I have experienced”
“I wear my Encoder every day, 7 days a week”

Reiki and Martial Arts Master Endorses Encoder

“My day is usually quite hectic. Before I used Encoder, everyday was so stressful for me. But now as I use it, it is as if I have started LIVING again! Encoder helped me relieve my stress and get more energetic. Now I simply get more done!”

See What Encoded
People Are Saying

Dr. Beverly Kune Tests the Encoder on Clients. a Dog and a Tangerine

“To me this device is a real game-changer in terms of all the possibilities.”

Encoder Benefits Soccer Player

“The Encoder was as if Harry Potter had waved his magic-wand”

Irish Golfer Improves Handicap with Encoder

“Thanks to the Encoder I’m hitting my drives, my irons further and more accurately”

Collegiate golfer drives further with Encoder

“I’m hitting further with the Encoder and swinging harder without losing my balance”

Encoder enriches lives of retired couple in UK

“Everyone should know about this particular product…it certainly adds years to my life and life to my years”

Encoder helps grandchildren to grandmothers

“The Encoder bracelet was amazing. It helps me with my attention deficit disorder processing and all around focusing makes me much calmer”

Encoder helped Doctor recover from a serious car accident

“A year ago, I was in a bad car accident I seemed to be really stuck at a certain point of my healing. Putting on the Encoder was just remarkable to me. All of a sudden I could feel my synapses sparking, my thought processes became quicker, my mind became clearer.”

Tracy runs faster, more energy. Dean becomes better golfer

“After my morning runs I’m recovering twice as fast and throughout the day I’ve got a bunch more energy and vitality”


“The Encoder has made all the difference in the world for my condition. Thank you so much.”