Biosonic Encoder

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Improve your structural integrity by 10X

Improve your coherence and change YOURSELF into a new form

Entrainer drops directly affect the body’s electrochemistry, resulting in improvements in movement function, balance, coherence, and structural integrity.

Why Entrainer is the best

Feel Better

Feel Better Everyday All Day

The Entrainer synergizes the electrochemical pathways of cellular communication to bring the body into a state of homeostasis or cohesive balance.

Feel Amazing

Feel like a Superstar

Intensified focus, upgraded stamina and a deeper well of energy gives you that I can do anything attitude.

Globally Approved

Approved by scientific research

The Entrainer Drops has evolved from over 20 years of scientific research and has applied the findings of several decades of scientific studies on the memory of water.


Safe to use for children

Entrainer drops are simply enhanced water and enhance the performance of body irrespective of age.


Legal to use in any sports

Entrainer drops are completely additive free and simply pure water.


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Fast UPS delivery worldwide. Get your Entrainer drops within 7 days.

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Boost Immunity, Optimize Performance, Maximize Energy and Minimize Stress with the Entrainer Drops

In our study on wearing the 'Encoder' and drinking a few drops of 'Entrainer Drops' the subjects are in a very efficient state, their systems are well-informed, thereby strengthening their entire biofields.
Dr. Krishna Madappa, Ph.D.
Entrainer drops testimonial.
Ariana Foxx
Professional Model
Entrainer Drops
Michael Henry
Professional Boxer

Entrainer drops to
Boost your Performance

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