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                           OUR OFFER IS VERY SIMPLE:

  1. Upload the Encoder's proprietary BioSonic Digital Remote to your mobile phone.

  2. View Dr. Ken Best's video on how to test the Encoder and have fun with a partner doing so.

  3. Substitute the Encoder with your mobile phone for each test.

  4. In other words, conduct each test first without your phone.

  5. Secondly, then conduct each test as BioSonic Digital plays from your mobile phone.

  6. Note the difference on Balance, Strength, Flexibility and EMF protection.

You are about to receive a value of £175.00 ($425.00) for only £2.00 and all we would like in return is your moral obligation to provide us with your personal experience of the results on:

  1. Improved Balance

  2. Improved Flexibility

  3. Improved Strength

  4. Protection against EMF

  5. Improved Endurance (optional)

  6. Improved Focus (optional)

  7. Improved Sleep (optional)

  8. Increased Energy (optional)

  9. Complete the 'Results' section on the page featuring Dr. Ken Best's instructional video.

Please Order your BioSonic Digital Remote here.

thank you for your participation.